Impossible Monsters – New Thriller Drama Movies 2020 Trailer and Ratings

Impossible Monsters Movie Trailer.

Latest Thriller Drama Movies 2020 Title: Impossible Monsters

Tagline: Everyone has nightmares. Most survive.

Introduction: A psychology professor begins a case study with three subjects who are suffering from sleep paralysis. As the study goes on, what is real and what is dream become mingled with violent consequences.

Actors: Santino Fontana, Laila Robins, Dennis Boutsikaris, Geoffrey Owens, Natalie Knepp, Devika Bhise, Lyanka Gryu, Chris Henry Coffey, Mercer Boffey, Rajeev Varma

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Release Date: 2020-02-14

Runtime: 84 Minutes

Genres: Thriller, Drama

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