Greenlight – Latest Thriller Movie 2020 Trailer and Rating

Greenlight Movie Trailer.

New Thriller Movies 2020 Title: Greenlight

Tagline: A director’s dream job has just become his worst nightmare.

Introduction: When Jack Archer (Chase Williamson) gets the opportunity to finally direct a feature-length film, he doesn’t expect sleazy producer Bob Moseby (Chris Browning) to ask him to film a real murder! With his own life on the line and the days counting down, Jack doesn’t know how to do what’s right and save himself.

Actors: Chase Williamson, Caroline Williams, Chris Browning, Shane Coffey, Victor Turpin, Danielle Bisutti, Craig Stark

Greenlight Movie Rating.

Movie Rating 0-5

Aggregate Rating.

Based on international internet trends.

Release Date: 2020-02-25

Local Release Date: 2020-02-25

Runtime: 86 Minutes

Genres: Thriller

Director: Graham Denman

Director of Photography: Powell Robinson

Writer: Patrick Robert Young

Poster for the movie "Greenlight"
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