Draupadi Unleashed – New Romance Drama Movie 2020 Trailer and Rating

Draupadi Unleashed Movie Trailer.

Latest Romance Drama Movies 2020 Title: Draupadi Unleashed

Tagline: A young woman fights for freedom in 1930s India, torn by love, duty and the teachings of her mysterious guru.

Introduction: Set in the lush and romantic era of 1930’s British India, DRAUPADI UNLEASHED centers on sixteen-year-old Indira who finds herself torn between true love, her duty to follow through with an arranged marriage and the powerful allure of a mysterious guru. Through her heartbreaking journey to self-discovery, long-held secrets are brought to light and Indira discovers the strength within herself to break free. In a story that mixes magical realism and gorgeous surroundings with the harsh realities of a patriarchal society, this beautifully told tale of a young woman at a crossroads in her life offers a rare look at aristocratic Indian society in the early part of the 20th Century – one that will resonate with audiences today.

Actors: Salena Qureshi, Cas Anvar, Dominic Rains, Melanie Chandra, Anna George, Azita Ghanizada, Pooja Batra, Meghana Mudiyam, Paras Patel, Anil Kumar

Draupadi Unleashed Movie Rating.

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Release Date: 2020-03-20

Runtime: 110 Minutes

Genres: Romance, Drama

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